Phoenix Real Estate Market Home Selling

Selling Phoenix Homes
The most important factor in selling your home in the Phoenix real estate homes market is pricing it right. When you decide to sell your home you need to get a professional Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and a Phoenix real estate market survey to get the information you need to price your home so it will sell. An over priced home will not get the viewings it should. .
If the sale of your home is a conventional home sale or a short sale, your REALTORĀ® will go over the CMA, Phoenix market area survey and their marketing plan for your home. The CMA will show active, pending and closed properties around your area that are similar to yours. The market survey will give a broader view of the local real estate market such as total active homes for sale, homes pending and homes sold listings in the area. It will show you a price breakdown of the properties that are active and pending and show the price percentage for how long properties have been on the market

During this time you will discuss sign and lockbox placement. We will also set up a communication schedule on how and when is the best times to keep in touch during the process. If you decide you want us to work with you to sell your home, you will then go over the various paperwork to put your property on the market such as the agency agreement, service agreement, and the sellers property disclosure statement (SPDS) among some other forms that may be required depending on your circumstances.

During the time your home is on the market we will keep you informed of all activities relating to the marketing of your home. When you get an offer for your home, we will go over all the terms and conditions of the offer. You can accept, counter or reject any offer. Once there is an accepted offer, an escrow account will be opened with a title company, with whom the buyer will deposit their earnest money, and a title search will begin.

The buyer will have ten days to inspect the property and do their due diligence and submit a buyers inspection report . The buyer will be able to accept the property as is, ask for repairs or cancel their offer. If the buyer asks for repairs you will have five days to respond and they will have 5 days to respond back. If everything is in order you will sign your selling documents at the title company with the escrow officer and the buyer will do the same. Once the funding for the property is deposited with the title company they will record the sale with the county and the property will transfer to the buyers

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